Chou 3am Bisir

Elsy Moufarrej

04:00 - 05:00 - beirut time

"Chou 3am Bi Sir" is an investigative and interactive talk show presented and prepared by Elsy Moufarrej.
"Chou 3am Bi Sir" has investigated corruption in several Government departments and contracts files, such as: Airport, Customs, The National Fund for Social Security, Park Meter, "Liban Post", "Sukleen", "Solidere", "Jeita Grotto"… Two of "Chou 3am Bi Sir" episodes has been presented as a report to the Financial Public Prosecutor, who is investigating in the evidences in order to build a judgment.
In addition to that, "Chou 3am Bi Sir" has covered National and Security issues such as: the terrorists attacks on the Lebanese Army and on civilians, the clashes between Bab el Tebani and Jabal Mohsen, the Lebanese War files (missing and kidnapped people and the moral experience of the ex-combatant)...
"Chou 3am Bi Sir" has tackles the situation of Christian in the Levant and has visit Syria several times in order to cover their suffering during the conflict. In addition to the coverage of Human Rights issues and Women Empowerment, such as: Civil Code, workers' rights, child labor, jails' conditions…

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