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Assaad Hattab

Assaad Hattab is a graduate of the National Institute of Fine Arts at the Lebanese University. He started his acting career in 1997 and taught French at Collège Saint Joseph Antoura. In 2012, he had his breakthrough role in the megahit “Ruby”, and he currently stars in “Wled el Balad” and “Arous w Aris”. As part of his singing career, he launched the single “Ma Tes’al” in 2007. And on June 1st, 2009, he joined Sawt El Mada's family where he prepares and hosts two shows: "Bala Kelfe" & "3a Rawa2".

Rizkallah Helou

Rizkallah is a bulletin editor and a news anchor at Sawt El Mada radio station. He has a bachelor degree in Journalism form the Lebanese University and is an editor at the national news agency.

Rindala Jabbour

Rindala has a Master's degree in information and communication sciences and a diploma in journalism from the Lebanese University. 
She is a reporter, anchor and the host of Manchette and "Hakeh Baladeh". She is also a news editor and writer at Almada.org news website.
She is a teacher at the Communication Arts department in LIU University- Bekaa branch and she was elected member in the council of audio-visual syndicate. 

Mirna Karam

Mirna Karam, has a BA in Law from the University of Saint Joseph .She is an Anchor and news editor at Sawt El Mada, she is also a Voice actress for movies, TV shows, commercials, films, documentaries and publicities.

Khaled Karam

Khaled Karam is the co-host of Mada Al Mala3eb weekly sports show along with Jad Deaibess.
Sports Journalist Specialized in FootBall and Motorsports. Publisher and owner of reputed Motorsport Website Biser3a.com and has spent over 8 years in the field of sports Journalism. 

MC Rally Of Lebanon and Different motorsport events.

Experience varies between online, TV and Radio. 

Works in the field of Sports marketing and management including social media and image identities. 

Education includes, BA in international Affairs and Diplomacy and Masters in Journalism.

Dalia Kerellos

Dalia Kerellos, has a master degree in Arabic literature from the Lebanese University.

Producer at sawt el mada and news editor at Almada.org website.

Tatiana Khattar

Tatiana Khattar, has a Bachelor’s degree in media/ broadcast Journalism from the Lebanese University.
She is an anchor and news editor.

Samar Maalouf

Dream, smile, be productive, lead, learn, influence others, think, love, listen to music, enjoy chocolate, and be positive! 
These words summarize Samar Maalouf, the host of Sawt El Mada's morning show, Sabah El Mada.
Samar joined Sawt El Mada's team on September 2012. 
You can get to know her better through visitng her website on the following address: 

Hanane Merhej

Hanane Charbel Merhej, has a Master’s degree in Documentation from the Lebanese University of Information & Documentation.
She is a reporter & News Anchor & Host of “Manchette”.

Dina Al Mezeraani

Dina Nicolas Al Mezeraani, has a Bachelor degree in Business Administration Accounting Field from AUL (Arts, Sciences and Technology University in Lebanon) and is currently Chief Accountant/HR in Sawt El Mada.

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